It’s all about the boys as we welcome Male Cancer Awareness Week this week from 18th – 24th April.

While more women get cancer than men, more men die from it, which makes this awareness week all the more crucial.

It’s easy to just think of prostate and testicular cancer when we talk about Male Cancer… But men can get bowel cancer, liver cancer, brain cancer, even breast cancer too. So it’s important to know your body and keep an eye on when something might not be quite right. Even more important is to get any potential problems checked out as soon as you can; early detection saves lives.

At One For The Boys we’re shining a little bit of blue into the very pink world of cancer campaigning. We’re driving conversations around Male Cancer to encourage others to do the same – and know that talking about your health, and admitting when there may be a problem, is the manly thing to do.

You can join us in raising awareness around this cause by sharing your experiences on social and #DrivingConversations. Or you can join us as Dance Music Unites this month to stand united against Male Cancer.

On Saturday 30 April, a number of top DJs will be taking to the decks to perform in aid of One For The Boys at the Masquerave at Troxy, London. You’ll get to experience DJ sets from the likes of Jamie xx, Faithless, Jillionaire, Benji B, and many more (including some very, very special surprise guests).

Get your tickets for the Masquerave here: 

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