How often do you see a headline claiming that something causes Cancer, or could help prevent it? It seems pretty much every day there’s something new that we should avoid or try – it’s pretty hard to keep up!

Well, we came across a piece from the International Business Times that’s filled with some interesting ways to prevent Prostate Cancer, so we thought we’d share them with you guys. And even if they don’t actually do much in the way of preventing it in reality – we’re sure you’ll have fun trying them along the way…

1. Who loves a bit of garlic? Maybe some tomatoes? Why not throw in some red wine too. According to a recent study these 3 things can help lower the risk of Prostate Cancer by helping your body flush out toxins. For those of you in London, we recommend paying a visit to Garlic & Shots. Hey, it’s for your health, right?

2. Have a bit of a kickaround. What’s better than grabbing some buddies and playing a bit of footie – or maybe some rugby, or whatever else floats your boat? IBT reckon that getting your blood pumping is a sure fire way to help prevent disease.

3. Tired of your hearing your other half claim they have a headache or they’re too tired to give you a bit of lovin’? Well, now you have studies to back you up – sex lowers the risk of Prostate Cancer. Great news! The studies show that having sex more than 12 times a month (or every other day) can help protect against Prostate Cancer… Don’t worry if you don’t have a partner (or an eager one) – as going solo works just the same – it’s the act of ejaculating itself that helps prevent the build-up of cancerous cells.

So we hope you all can have some fun while taking the fight to Cancer.