It’s Superman’s 77th birthday today… So unleash your inner geek and lose yourself in the world of superheroes and super villains, and everything in between.

Can you believe that the Man of Steel is 77 years old? If good ol’ Clark Kent was a living, breathing person then he’d fit into the age group typically known as the 75+.

Did you know that on average nearly 60,000 men aged 75+ are diagnosed with Cancer each year in the UK?

So what Cancers may Superman be at risk from if he were real? We’re glad you asked. These are some of the most common Cancers to affect males aged 75+:

  • Prostate Cancer (14,732 cases)
  • Lung Cancer (9,951 cases)
  • Bower Cancer (8,788 cases)
  • Bladder Cancer (3,785 cases)
  • Stomach Cancer (2,288 cases)

Luckily, we all know that Superman can only be taken down by kryptonite. For all of us though born on this planet (and not the planet Krypton), cancer may try and play the role of super villain. If you notice anything unusual or any changes to your health be smart and get it checked out.