OFTB Unite goals

The main goals of OFTB Unite are to improve awareness and education around cancer for men.

Women are taught from an early age how to check themselves for things like Breast Cancer, and other symptoms to look out for - as well as receiving Cervical Cancer screenings too.

All too often men are neglected, which can lead to them not knowing what to look out for, and what to do if they spot a problem. This is where OFTB Unite comes in.

We're working with government bodies to make a real change for men. We want to get information on cancers to men in places where they'll actually pay attention to it. This includes in areas such as schools and GP practices, but also getting them listening through areas such as sport, music, and comedy too.

What's more, we want to give men the opportunity to get themselves checked more regularly through helping to set up male cancer clinics around the country. Through these men will be able to quickly pop in and get screened for possible problems, or speak to health professionals about any troubling symptoms.

Our board of Trustees help to ensure all money donated to OFTB Unite is put to good use to help get us closer to the goal of wiping out Cancer once and for all.

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